About the life & play project

Rowheath Pavilion over the last few years has become a vibrant hub for the community in Bournville, following the opening new children’s play area in 2008 and café in 2009.

The change started in 1997 when the Church based at Rowheath, Pavilion Christian Community, took over management of the building in an attempt to restore the building and the community based there. In 2003 a charity was set up by Pavilion Christian Community and the lease signed to enable this charity to further the work of the church in providing an excellent community centre for all members of Bournville and surrounding areas.

Since then the building has gone from strength to strength, with the playground being built, the cafe opening and now Rowheath is the centre of life in Bournville

A survey carried out in 2011 highlighted the need for more community use at Rowheath. The survey also highlighted that the changing facilities were not fit for purpose; they were in need of modernisation as they did not meet the needs of the sports users due to them being overcrowded, draughty, poorly heated and having unreliable shower facilities. They were not DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant, as there were only concrete steps up to first floor – which are also potentially dangerous.

With the growing number of sports clubs who wish to use the facilities, Rowheath will be unable to accommodate them with the current facilities.

Our aim is to first build the changing rooms by November 2014, and if the fundraising goes to plan, the new cafe/bar would be built by March 2015.

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